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hdpe double wall corrugated pipe mould

hdpe double wall corrugated pipe mould basic structure:

    as commonly used pipe, double wall corrugated pipe is important tool to dredge and drain.as the forming mould when producing the double wall corrugated pipe, it has a little difference with the common pipe mould. the double wall corrugated pipe mould is consist of former model, later mold, insert items, row bit, slant, thimble, flow gate and so on.the shape and thickness of mould can infulence the final products.模具 (1).jpg

    when the wall thickness of the double wall corrugated pipe mold is too large, it will increase the cost of the production process, and will extend the product's molding time, resulting in decreased production efficiency. in addition, it is easy to make product quality too low, such as: bubble, shrinkage, dents and so on. when the wall thickness of the double wall corrugated pipe mold is too low for some complex shape products, manufacturing would be more complicated, and also easily lead to the finished product quality deviations. in pipe forming production, in as far as the special parts of the product is set to fillet, which can enhance the strength of the pipe so that it is not easy to deform or crack.模具 (2).jpg

    for the double-wall corrugated pipe molds used in the production, it is composed of a variety of common components thereof. in the manufacture of finished products molding process, the need of each member fitting tightly, so as not to cause the product burrs and so on.模具3.jpg

    the company choose high quality aluminium alloy,size processed by cnc machining center , ensure size accuracy,in order to achieve beautiful product appearance.due to the adoption of cnc machining,each module is interchangeable.it can reduce operator working intensity.模具4.jpg

mould features: precise control of size tolerance and contraction rate,use advanced cooling system,optimized exhaust hole, polishing treatment, advanced mold design.



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